Update - May 2022:

On May 4, 2022, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Eastern Service Center, is advising the public of the availability of the Final Environmental Assessment (Final EA) and FAA’s Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) / Record of Decision (ROD) to implement a new RNAV GPS arrival procedure to Runway 4L at BOS. The Final EA is consistent with FAA Order 1050.1F, Environmental Impacts: Policies and Proceduresand with existing national environmental policies and objectives set forth in Section 101 of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, 42 U.S.C. § 4321 et seq. (NEPA), Council on Environmental Quality regulations, 40 C.F.R. Parts 1500-1508, the requirements of Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, and all other applicable special purpose laws. The Proposed Action will not significantly affect the quality of the human environment or otherwise include any condition requiring consultation pursuant to Section 102(2)(c) of NEPA.

The Final EA responds to agency and public comments received by the FAA and it updates the Draft EA, which was made available for public review and comment on September 21, 2020. The FONSI/ROD documents the FAA’s decision to implement the Proposed Action alternative as detailed in and supported by the Final EA. The FONSI/ROD, and Final EA separated into separate chapter and appendix files can be found by clicking Project Information and then Overview. The original Draft EA documents are also available at the same location.

Update - January 2022:

The FAA has updated this website to include the project correspondence related to the impact of the Proposed Project, also known as the undertaking, on historic resources within the project’s study area. The FAA has proposed a Finding of No Adverse Effect to historic resources for the undertaking and this correspondence is part of the consultation process under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. Links to the correspondence can be found under the Project Information tab above. As comments on the Draft Environmental Assessment are still being considered and the FAA continues to engage in the Section 106 consultation process for historic resources, no final decision has been made on the environmental review of the BOS RNAV (GPS) Runway 4-Left Approach procedure. The Final Environmental Assessment is expected to be published in mid to late 2022.

Update - November 2021:

The FAA continues working to ensure that all comments will be considered and addressed within the Final Environmental Assessment. As comments are still being considered, no final decision has been made on the environmental review of the BOS RNAV (GPS) Runway 4-Left Approach procedure. The Final Environmental Assessment is expected to be published in mid to late 2022.

Welcome to the website for the Environmental Assessment of the RNAV (GPS)
Runway 4-Left approach procedure at Boston Logan International Airport.

This site was created to provide an overview of this environmental document prepared by the FAA for the new approach procedure. It will help you better understand the environmental process under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), understand the potential impacts of this proposed procedure, and allow the public to comment on the Draft Environmental Assessment.

Noise Impacts

An interactive map was created as part of the Environmental Assessment to allow the community to review the calculated noise impacts at population centroids, public parks/recreation areas, and historic resources in the General Study Area.


The FAA is accepting comments on the Draft EA. Comments will become a part of the public record. The FAA will review and consider all comments it receives as it develops the final Environmental Assessment.

Virtual Workshops

In accordance with social distancing guidelines published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the FAA has scheduled two public workshops where individuals can learn more about the FAA’s Draft EA, ask questions and make comments about the Draft EA.