Noise Modeling Visualization

As a part of the NEPA environmental review process, the FAA calculated the potential noise impacts from aircraft activity without the proposed procedure and from aircraft activity including the proposed procedure. The FAA’s preferred model for evaluating noise impacts at commercial airports is the FAA’s Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT). AEDT uses detailed information on aircraft operations to depict noise levels in communities surrounding airports. Data used in the modeling process includes specific fleet mix information such as aircraft type, arrival and departure times, trip distance, runway use, flight track location/usage, and weather conditions (e.g., temperature and humidity). The noise impacts were calculated both with and without the proposed procedure for all 27,080 Census Blocks within the General Study Area (GSA) as designated by the United States Census Bureau and this data is shown on the interactive map below.


FAA used results from AEDT to generate this interactive map depicting the noise levels in areas potentially affected by the proposed new procedure at BOS. The interactive map below shows calculated noise levels for aircraft activity with and without the proposed procedure within the GSA as well as the calculated noise levels on local parks and historic resources within the GSA. The noise levels without the proposed procedure are labeled as Baseline Noise Exposure and the noise levels with the proposed procedure are labeled as Alternative Noise Exposure. Please explore and use the tool to type your address into the box in the upper left, determine the potential noise levels in your neighborhood and see how your community would be affected by the proposed new flight procedure.